⚙️Architecture Overview

Through the adoption of blockchain technologies, all betting transaction records will be publicly verifiable.

Betting Flow

  1. The user connects their cryptocurrency wallet to Nova88 CryptoSports and is automatically logged in. No registration or KYC required.

  2. The user finds an appropriate bet to place.

  3. A "bet slip" signed by Nova88 CryptoSports is generated, and sent to the blockchain smart contract.

  4. Once the bet slip is verified by the smart contract, the appropriate amount of funds from the user’s wallet and Nova88 CryptoSports will be locked inside the contract.

  5. Upon completion of the sports event, game results will be automatically uploaded to our smart contract.

  6. After a short delay (usually 5-20 minutes), settlement will begin and funds will be directly transferred to the winner’s wallet.


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