Compared to conventional sportsbooks, Nova88 CryptoSports can provide the following:

Absolute Anonymity

There is no need for users to go through a complicated KYC process where sensitive personal information is recorded.

When using conventional sportsbooks, users need to risk exposing personal and online banking information to third-party entities, such as payment processors, regulators, and banking institutions as part of the fiat currency deposit and withdrawal process.

Through the adoption of decentralized blockchain technology, Nova88 CryptoSports can provide users with a secure means of fund transactions which can maximize privacy.

Easy Registration

Users can simply connect their MetaMask wallet to the platform and start placing bets. This significantly reduces time and unnecessary steps, allowing for a better experience.

Fair Betting

Bets on Nova88 CryptoSports platform are direct interactions between user cryptocurrency wallets and our smart contracts. Upon successful execution of a transaction, this information will be stored on-chain, which means the transaction record is immutable and can be verified by the user through the blockchain explorer.

This ensures fair betting for Nova88 CryptoSports users as this technology will mitigate conventional sportsbook issues such as payout disruption, bet tampering, and hacking.

Automatic Withdrawals

Unlike conventional sportsbook platforms where users are required to submit withdrawal requests manually, Nova88 CryptoSports provides a hassle-free payout experience unmatched by traditional platforms. Upon the completion of the sporting event and the announcement of official final results, winnings will be paid directly by the smart contract to the users’ wallet. No withdrawal request needed.

Transparent Records

Because Nova88 CryptoSports betting transactions take place on the blockchain, transaction records will permanently exist on the blockchain. Users can go back to and review their records at any point in time they deem fit. This is a significant advantage compared to conventional centralized platform operators where transaction records are often only stored and available for users’ viewing for 1 to 3 months average.

Secured Storage of Funds

Conventional ill-managed platforms may deliberately suspend access to their platform due to selfish reasons such as shortage of funds, directly affecting users rights. Nova88 CryptoSports does not have this problem becuase payouts are swift and guaranteed by our smart contracts.

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